Designer Custom Horse Show Clothing by the Berry Fit Company

Berry Fit Jacket Collections

unleashed Collection

A collection for the woman who rides on the wild side

Expressive. Natural. Larger than life. Outside the box. Liberated. Free.

This new and stunning collection will command attention and turn heads in and out of the ring. Featuring large faceted stones, feathers, fringe and organic motifs, the latest BerryFit collection is once again showcasing the unrivaled design innovation and boundary breaking creativity that is our trademark.

Equestrian Rebel Collection

For the girl who thrives on change and refuses to take the path of least resistance.

Who knows exactly what she wants and won't settle for anything less. Stunning and unusual, each modern design pairs intricate patterns, textures and trims into an artful collage.

Wearable art for the girl who thinks life is a masterpiece

Renegade Collection

The garment you wear for the person you are.

Fiercely personal. Bold. Fearless. Breaking Traditions. Pushing Limit.

The new and vibrant collection will stand out in any ring and speak of the individual spark of its wearer. By combining many of Berry Fit's distinctive artistic components in each garment, the collection promises to be as unique as the rider herself.

Hearts of Stone Collection

These pieces of the 2011 Hearts of Stone Collection were inspired by countless stories told from hearts touched by cancer. Aching hearts longing for a lost loved one√Ča child, parent or friend. Generous hearts giving physically and financially to find a cure. Joyful hearts celebrating recovery every day

They are all courageous hearts that sparkle and shine like diamonds but have the strength of stone to fight.

Classic Collection

Far from being boring, this line comprises the majority of the pieces. Elegant, tasteful, showy, timeless, breath taking, beautiful√Č.all words used by our customers to describe each one. All hand made from beginning to end and inspired from a variety of sources to insure your success in whatever ring you are showing in. The backbone of Berry Fit, but all designed by Polly Vandall for Berry Fit

Halter Collection

The Berry Fit Company is pleased to present the Berry Fit Halter Collection.

West Collection

With a western flair and great design, this collection is sure to make you feel you are out on the range.

The designs of the Berry Fit West Collection were unveiled in Cody, Wyoming at Rendezvous Royale, part of the Cody High Fashion Exhibition, featuring fashion, furniture, accessories and other handcrafted items designed in western tradition. Berry Fit Company was awarded the People's Choice award for the second year in a row for this collection.

Select Collection

Understated yet elegant!

The Select Collection includes designs that are elegant but understated, but constructed with the same quality and attention to detail as in our more adventurous lines. These garments give more attention to the classic lines and simpler design that the Select class has requested.

Custom made to your specifications, with your colors!

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Uncompromising quality and design

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