Polly Vandall
Lead Designer
Let the FUN begin!!!!! - Tue, Sep 28th, 2010
Written By: Polly Vandall
I know it's been a while since my last blog...Fritz, my spinning neighbor, likes to remind me of that daily. ha ha. We have been busy little bees here trying to get all the last minute things done so we can move into Congress for the month. We built the booth last Sunday and now the fun begins. There are so many really pretty new designs that are just over the top - I can't wait to put them on display!! The girls here have been working double time and there efforts really show. The detail and the dedication to making each garment perfect is unbelievable. But, I know they will all be having a party when I'm gone....ha ha!! I just love the congress. Seeing everyone and getting to catch up on another year gone by. We will see you all very soon!

PS. Fritz has way too much energy at 5am and claims there is nothing special in his morning brew, so he brought us some just to prove it. Thanks btw! And Doug has made us a special potion to take with us while we are away too. I'm gonna wake up at 5am and think of my spinning groupies sweating their little hearts out without us. But, we will be back soon and will miss you guys!! Don't have too much fun while we are gone - I HATE to miss the fun! Just remember to be nice to us when we get back cuz we'll be weak and out of shape after a month of no spinning! ha ha.

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