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Style to stand out... - Tue, Apr 3rd, 2012
Written By: Carolyn Berry
... and set you apart from the crowd every time you step into a competition ring is the desire and purpose behind every BFC design.

When Berry Fit was born, it was our goal to offer groundbreaking styles, distinctive designs and an artisan level of handcreated goods. The fifteen sets of hands that touch each garment from start to finish guarantee that the recipient has purchased something custom-fit and created for their body. We have never been and will never be an "off-the-rack" company.

As our designs have expanded and the company has grown over the past twenty-five years, I continue to be proud of how Berry Fit offers one-of-a-kind goods at every level of the industry and for every client who desires it.

Limited Edition

The majority of our designs are, in a sense, limited editions. Colors are always available for custom selections, but the design's details are static. Normally, each design is created five (or less) times and we track where they are placed. If you select a design that has already been sold to another competitor, you will be notified of that immediately -- for your own protection and that of the existing garment. We guarantee that we will not duplicate a design in the same color combination in the same age group and breed of horse for two years.

Modified Combinations

Is there a design you like, but would like to tweak? To embellish or streamline? We will modify an existing design in our collection for a $350 fee on top of the garment price. The same two year guarantee in place on our limited edition designs is applied to modified combinations.


A true one-of-a-kind service is provided for a $1000 fee on top of the garment price. Working directly with our designer, Polly Vandall, the final design is created and produced exclusively for you. The design is then vaulted for two years with the guarantee that it will not be created for anyone in any fashion until after that time.

Whether a Berry Fit design is produced one time or five times, each garment is as unique as its wearer because our artisans have only created one exactly like it in size, color combination, age group and breed (as opposed to an off-the-rack ten in every size mentality.) That principle has been a foundation of our company from the beginning, and a testament to our wonderful clients who value their own style and individuality as well as the best craftsmanship in our industry.

Wishing you a lovely week and a glorious Easter...


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