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Owner, The Berry Fit Company
Form and Function - Wed, Aug 29th, 2012
Written By: Carolyn Berry
Some days I am amazed at the journey Polly and I have traveled, from Berry Fit’s first days to now looking back over twenty-five years of artistry and excellence. Perhaps it comes from being so close to the work, the clients, the joys and juggles that any business produces -- that occasionally you can lose sight of the forest for the trees.

There always seems to be something to shift my attention that comes at just the right time. Recently, it was by the comment of a nameless stranger. I’m sure many of you have perused the new Online Marketplace on the website, where we have been showcasing the talents and craft of so many of our staff. Recently, a portion of our building was converted into a gift shop for local neighbors and friends to be able to shop and see their goods in person. It is situated just right outside my office.

Well, last week, there was a garment hanging on a post just outside my door, and I overheard the conversation of two ladies who were distracted from smelling candles by the sparkle of crystals along the garment’s sleeve. I was trying not to eavesdrop or startle them, but one of the comments they made was “that garment is so fine, I’d be afraid to wear it anywhere”.

That’s when it dawned on me again -- for all of our displays at shows or all the work that is going on for another stellar Congress booth and the new collections that will be debuted there -- for as gorgeous as our clients look stepping out of a dressing room or trying on their garment for the first time, that’s not what we design and create them for.

Not for air-conditioning, overhead lighting, or showrooms.

But for show rings, horseback, sunlight, and fresh air. Where all of the skill and talent that goes into creating something beautiful, functional, durable, actually gets put to work to showing off the rider’s skill and her horse’s talent.

So many of our staff only see the garments in hanger and mannequin stage. They see the form, but not the function. That is why I love it when clients share photographs of themselves wearing a Berry Fit garment on their horse. { For some stunning examples, check out our Facebook page -- } I also always tear out images of a Berry Fit in action found in industry magazines. I put them up in the workrooms so that everyone can see and enjoy them. More often than not, several will point and grin at garments they remember working on, taking pride at seeing it perform as they had known it would.

And isn’t that so true in life, even outside the show ring? We’ve been blessed and formed with specific talents and gifts, for a function to make the world better, to make someone’s life brighter...

All we need to do is just remember that from time to time.

Wishing you a wonderful week....


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