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Congress Celebrations - Sat, Oct 20th, 2012
Written By: Carolyn Berry
As Polly and I celebrate 25 years in business together, it seems fitting to mark the anniversary at this year's Congress. I can remember our very first Congress as if it was yesterday, and feel immensely blessed to look back over our history at all the relationships we've built. Our favorite vendors, clients, and friends all coming together to celebrate an industry that doesn't just define us as "horse people" but also adds so much to our lives.

And while there is so much that is familiar about Congress year-to-year, if you know us at Berry Fit, you know that we love to push the boundaries in search of the new and exciting. Trust me, this year is no exception!

If you haven't yet stopped into the show to see us, you're going to want to run ( or ride! ) in as soon as you can to see all of it in person.

Here's a little taste of what has been going on so far:

1. New Booth

It's been redesigned and enhanced with pressed tin, new lighting, large prints of some of Polly's incredible photography and much more. It was so exciting to plan and prep for the booth makeover prior to Congress and we had some incredible help in pulling it all together. You also never know what you might find inside the booth. Yesterday we had live music from the talented "Chaz", who was sometimes joined by our very own Christal! It was a rocking time and so well done. There really isn't anything like live music to make any day good, is there?

2. New Collections

'Unleashed' has taken Congress by storm and been met with rave reviews. It's fearless use of large stones, lace, trim, and even ruffles, result in a bold look that is as strong and commanding as it is feminine. If you follow our Facebook page ( and if you don't, you really should ), you'll have seen the photos, but know that even the photos can't do these stunning garments justice.

'Heartstrings' is also plucking at our visitors' desire for beauty for a cause. Our charity collection for 2012, a portion of all the sales of 'Heartstrings' will be donated to Nellie's Catwalk 4 Kids, a Columbus-based non-profit that serves the families of children with cancer across the country. Nellie, the founder, is a JUNIOR at Ohio Dominican and is one ofthe most level-headed, passionate, and inspiring young women I've met in many years. To learn more about Nellie and her incredible foundation, check them out online:

3. Fashion Show

On Saturday, at noon, the Corral will be transformed into our own Congress Catwalk for the yearly fashion show. There will be several children participating in the show this year, there will be many models rocking outfits from Berry Fit Collections. It will be guaranteed to be a great time!

So when you come to Congress, be sure to stop in and see us! We can't wait to catch up and celebrate with you. We wouldn't be blessed to be celebrating 25 years without each and every one of you!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend...


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