Carolyn Berry
Owner, The Berry Fit Company
Saving Ways - Sat, Mar 30th, 2013
Written By: Carolyn Berry
At Berry Fit, we are continually designing and creating, traveling and meeting, thinking and inventing! So we wanted to keep you abreast of new happenings here, and perhaps they will benefit you in some way during your showing.

The first is our ongoing sample sale during the month of April. We are offering 20% off jackets, blouses and vests that are already made and in our regular inventory. This offer excludes custom sales and consignment. However, along with this sample sale, we are also offering 10% off of consignment. Alterations are additional. See us at the Equine Affair in Columbus or Wisconsin this month, or see us in New Philadelphia. If you need overnight accommodations, you may stay at the Olde House Inn at no charge.

We realize that many garments are very expensive, due to American labor costs, the heavy stoning required, as well as the many types of decoration used within each garment such as airbrushing, trim, rough cut, etc. For us, there are at least 16 people who complete each garment in some way during the production process. These individuals are very good at what they do and it adds additional costs. However, that being said, there are still ways to get a Berry Fit that haven’t been available in the past.

• We now offer a form of financing, in that we can break your payments into three or four stages instead of the traditional two (down payment and final payment). We simply take the total and with you, determine the number of payments you wish to make and when you would prefer to have them due. The only downside is that we still don’t ship until the order is paid for and if you default along the way, any money paid will be forfeited.

• Another way to save is what we call a three step design, which means that a design can be made and purchased with minimal stoning. Then, when and if you wish to proceed to the next level, intermediate stoning will be added. Finally, if you wish to move to the original design level, the last stage of stoning will be added. This allows you to have the garment, be showing in it and stone it according to the level of showing you wish to do.

• We have over 3000 designs from being in the business for over 25 years. Many designs are simple, yet elegant. They can be updated with a little airbrushing and with the use of varied stoning possibilities. Don’t hesitate to ask to see those….remember not everyone prefers the loaded blingy ones.

• Our last way to save is to purchase a consignment outfit (many are like new). These are marked down to approximately 65% of the new price. Alterations are extra, but not pricey. Stones can be added to update or increase the sparkle. We can do these for you, or you can have fun doing it yourself!

We are always excited when a customer wears a Berry Fit outfit, new or used. But we are equally excited to alter, stone or fix any garments that you already have, whether they are Berry Fit or not. Each person who has purchased a Berry Fit is a part of our family. We like to hear how you are doing in general as well as how showing is going for you. In other words, your successes and your attempts. It’s all included in being a part of the “family”.

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