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Catchng Up - Fri, Mar 8th, 2019
Written By: Carolyn Berry

I noticed that is has been two years since I have written a blog, even though I like doing it.  While travelling alone, I was listening to Tony Robbins on YouTube on the subject of "must" vs "should".  That concept can be used in many areas of life but my mind was thinking in terms of being in business.  "Must" implies a standard that a person just cannot go below.  Standards and goals have been set somewhere along the way and with determination and firmness they are held onto.  They are not hopes or I want to or I wish.  They are "I have to".  He asked us to list two things that we have put off doing but interfere with our standard.  They are musts but have been left undone.

It wasn't hard to find two when a person wears lots of "hats".  Although I really  love all aspects of the business, I thought that I would sew a lot. However, it occurred to me early on that even more than sewing, I love "business" and most of all, I love sales and marketing.  Marketing changes quickly and I like changes and keeping up with them also.

Facebook has been used to mini blog on, but it works better to keep those messages on the shorter side. So, blogging and posting are one of my "musts" as well as posting.  So I made that deliberate decision.  The other difficulty is when I don't post, then I have such a backlog of things I want to say and tell you so there will be no shortage of material.  On our FaceBook page I will put a link to the message I heard.  It is fascinating, and like I said, can be applied to so much of life.

Have a great weekend!

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