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okay, okay, okay........ - Tue, Mar 23rd, 2010
Written By: Polly Vandall
Headed to St. Louis, MO...70 and SUNNY
Sunroof open and rays of sunshine!!!! Whoohooo
After several phone calls, emails, and customer requests...I guess I really do need to update my blog. I’m now getting specific requests on which topic to blog. I really don’t think my life is THAT exciting, but I have to admit...it is without a doubt, fun!
So, as many of you seem to be wondering, "I lost it at the gym" challenge is over and much to my disappointment, neither myself nor Christal are the winners. In fact, I don’t even think we were ever in the top 20. But, as long as my team beat my trainer’s team....then I win! (that's right Mike) And now, I think I’m an addicted spinner....yeah, imagine me up 4 days a week at 4:50 AM to spin - and it's all Christal's fault! I even enjoy the early morning drive to the gym. So quiet and peaceful...little bunnies that can’t decide which side of the road to dart across...little frogs that you have to dodge because I HATE to think I’m running over them...and the deer just stand and watch. lol. My trainer, Mike, has spent the last 3 months trying to convince me that the reason I haven’t lost much weight is because muscle weighs more than fat and I’m turning fat into muscle...whateeeever...but, I’ll go with that! He swears, my thighs AREN’T getting bigger, but my jeans sure seem tighter! I’ve have lost 2% body fat and 9.5 inches, so there is a possibility he's right. And this weekend, I ran 2.5 miles, twice, outside with no breaks (even up a little hill)...lol...don’t laugh, I HATE to run!!!! I have to play mind games just to keep one foot in front of the other!! Oh, and our spinning class, I counted 6 instructors...yeah, tell me THAT isn’t intimidating. But we DO have a good time...what a mix of people we have that early in the day!!!
Christal and I have been on the road a lot the last few months and even though I love to travel, there is nothing like being at home! My little babies are growing up way too fast. Carter will be in kindergarten and Sidney turned eighteen...I mean she turned 3. Little Miss independent that LOVES make-up, nail polish, and playing dress-up, for HOURS!! Carter is all boy and is signed up for tee-ball. I can see where I’m going to start spending my summer days, evenings and weekends. I love being a mom!!!! For a while, it seemed like we were gone every other week, so it’s nice to finally have a little break! But not for long and it's back on the road again! It’s funny because now we choose the hotel based on the fitness room. And, without a doubt, the Sheraton in Harrisburg has the best one yet! Harrisburg, PA is one of my favorite shows but, I should let Christal blog about that since she likes to take center stage…..lol!!!! I’m sure she’ll blog soon (hint hint). Shortly after that show, we headed west to St. Louis MO to the March to the Arch. Speaking of the arch, Christal and I even had a little time to go up in the arch. I’ve been up before, but Christal wasn’t so sure about the whole experience. She survived, and not without a bunch of harassment from me. Don’t tell me you’re afraid of heights and then ask to go up 650 feet. She did great!!! The show was really a fun time. We donated a “brest cancer” jacket to the auction. And the “ladies western pleasure” was hilarious! And noooo, most did NOT make pretty women! Something you just had to see, but was all in good fun! Met so many nice people and had a really great time!

Time is flying past and we’ve had some really great new designs this year! We’ve done a lot with airbrushing and tons of crystals - very unique looks!! I just love my job, I love designing, and I love people!!!! Berry Fit is also on facebook, so go become a fan and I’ll do my best to keep that updated too!

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  • Going up.....650 feet!
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