Polly Vandall
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It's my BIRTHDAY!!!!!! - Tue, Jun 15th, 2010
Written By: Polly Vandall
Happy Birthday to ME!
Just in case anyone was wondering....I LOVE birthdays!! I don't necessarily like the fact that I'm getting older, but just a good reason to celebrate! I came to work this morning and Christal had balloons in my office with a really cute card. A very ornery card, but that is to be expected from her! I got really pretty flowers, goofy cards and even had a birthday lunch.....then ice cream too! I've been receiving phone calls, silly text messages and emails all day long! And the day still isn't over yet!!! What is NOT to like about that? Sidney thought I would like a princess doll, Carter thought a Ninja WII game, and Bruce won't forget because he tells me my birthday is always the opening day of frog gigging season. Wonderful! When all I really want is a big power washer! LOL. What a really fun day thanks to all my great friends and family that make it so special - who cares how old I am anyway!!

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