Resale Trends

What a whirlwind our lives are! Don’t you agree? Months of planning and hard-work behind the scenes before Congress, and before you know it, not only have we set up ...Read this blog >>

Saving Ways

At Berry Fit, we are continually designing and creating, traveling and meeting, thinking and inventing! So we wanted to keep you abreast of new happenings here, and perhaps they ...Read this blog >>

The Berry Fit family...

It is always good to connect, isn't it? To find yourself in a place at a specific time where you can really engage with those around you -- find out ...Read this blog >>

Congress Celebrations

As Polly and I celebrate 25 years in business together, it seems fitting to mark the anniversary at this year's Congress. I can remember our very first Congress as if ...Read this blog >>

The Rainbow Effect

In my reading over the weekend, I ran across the term, Butterfly Effect. Having hear about it way back, I searched it out again and realized that it applies ...Read this blog >>