Join Our Team of Affiliates

BFC Affiliate Program

The BFC Affiliate Program was established in 2018 to enable us to better serve our current customers as well as facilitate meeting new customers.


Carolyn Berry will drive to your home or facility and during a 24-hour period, meet with your friends or clients.  (usually arriving for Friday evening into Saturday morning, leaving early afternoon)  In return, you will receive 10% of sales to be used as credit toward your own purchases.

During that time, all of our design books and fabric samples will be made available, along with several current garment samples.


Your responsibilities will be to provide a location for your guests to meet and be measured with a few snacks and beverages.  Overnight accommodations and transportation to and from here will be made by Carolyn at no expense to you

We will contact any clients or leads from our office.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Affiiate Program

Must I be a trainer?

No, although trainers are welcome to participate. You may also team up with a friend.

Is there a $ amount requirement?

We don't specify any $ requirement, but in order for our plan to benefit you, we suggest that you aim for total sales around $10,000. That allows you $1000 to apply to your order.

How much space do you need?

A large open space with a dressing room equivalent works well. You may want to offer part of your commission applied to another individual's order if this space is provided by them.

Where do you prefer to stay?

I will make my ;own arrangements.

When is the best time of the year?

Kids usually make their purchases early in the show season to get maximum use. However, some purchase prior to a large show. Adults are more open to purchasing year round, but generally prior to a large show also.  From experience, January and February work best.

How many clients will I have to schedule?

That depends upon the needs of those you invite. With our price list, you will be able to ascertain an estimate of expected purchases. Usually 10+ will ensure that your show is profitable for you.

If you are interested, please contact Carolyn at 330-268-4033 cell/text for details or to answer any questions that you may have.